Nikola Milosevic

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  • 22yo electrical engineering graduate
  • competent programmer
  • looking for a digital design engineering or machine learning engineering role
  • technologies featured here: C, C++, python, pytorch, verilog, java, openGL, PHP, mySQL
  • other languages I know: go, rust



kinematics analyzer for rowers

4th year capstone project. Arduino records acceleration and GPS data, and sends data over Bluetooth LE to a Python client for analysis.

  • Arduino C++
    • BLE protocol
    • Sensor readings
  • Python
    • Pygame for UI

pet nose regressor

Final project for ELEC475: Computer Vision. Locates the nose of a pet using regression.

  • Python
    • Pytorch for ML
    • OpenCV for UI and image processing

rover navigation algorithm

1st year project. Rover scans LIDAR data and navigates a complex maze using D* pathfinding.

  • Python
  • Gazebo simulator environment

POCs / WIPs / abandoned

2024-05 [WIP] (Verilog) learn-fpga implementing a RISC-V core on FPGA
2023-12 [POC] (C) cfmt type-safe printf in C
2022-11 [WIP] (C++) NES emulator featuring a fully functional 6502 emulator
2022-10 [POC] (C) manji bird flappy bird for the DE0 board
2020-06 [ABD] (Java, OpenGL) popularis abdandoned 3D RTS game
2019-12 [ABD] (C++, OpenGL) voxels voxel rendering project with world generation
2018-05 [ABD] (PHP, MySQL) social media site for a high school project